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Gutter Board and Fascia Replacement in Cincinnati

Fascia and gutter board are two elements of your home’s structure that protect it from water damage, rot, and pest. Damaged fascia or gutter boards should not be overlooked as they are a vital factor in your roofing system. Both are highly susceptible to weather and rot damage and should be professionally inspected by experts like Excel Services for replacement.

Why Fascia Replacement Should be Done by a Professional

Poor quality fascia replacement can potentially cause an array of other issues with your roof and home’s function and appearance. Fascia supports and stabilizes a home’s gutters preventing major problems such as a detached gutter system. If gutters are unsupported that could lead to major water damage affecting the paint, siding, windows, and doors of a home.

Fascia is a major fixer in today’s modern home builds, but if you have an older Colonial or Victorian home then they were originally built without fascia boards. Fascia boards would have been later added to the home when it was realized that rafters were not enough to repel water from the foundation. Experienced craftsman will be able to work with fascia board from any time period and replace it to match the aesthetics of your home.

The untrained eye may not always be able to spot rotted fascia board and often times requiring removing the gutters. A professional fascia replacement job may require many intricate details that a non professional will lack expertise in.

Request an Estimate For Fascia Replacement in Cincinnati

When fascia boards start to warp, crack, buckle, or even rot you need to act immediately to preserve the structure and exterior of your home. Contact the experts at Excel Services at (513) 248-0791 or email us to get a full inspection and quote for fascia replacement in Cincinnati.