Residential Services

Drywall Demolition and Removal

If you’re taking out a wall or have old drywall that needs to be removed or replaced, you can call Excel Services to properly demolish and haul off the old material. There are many reasons why one might need to remove old drywall including:

  • Water damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Remodeling
  • Expansion

The demolition and removal of drywall can be a big job. It is important to always shut off the power, water, gas, or any other utility that might be in play as well as the trim or casing for any electrical outlets in the wall. One should also use a stud-finder to locate obstacles in the wall before beginning to tear it down. It is important to exercise care and precision in removing the drywall and loosening the nails or screws especially if only one section is being removed. All this to say, it is a job worth hiring a professional to do it right.

You can trust us with the care of your home without leaving any mess behind!

Request an Estimate For Drywall Services

These are just a few examples of the drywall services available from our experienced craftsmen. If you have a particular need that isn’t listed above, or if you need a drywall specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio, please call Excel Services today at (513) 248-0791 or email us to request information or an estimate.