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Window Sill Repair in Cincinnati

Overtime window sills may become damaged and worn affecting the window’s aesthetics and water shedding functionality. Our experts will save you money by repairing your window sills rather than replacing the entire window.

Repairing a window sill should be at the top of any homeowners list to prevent further damage. Repair may be needed if the window sill shows signs of:

  • Cracked, peeling, or chipped paint
  • Rotted wood
  • Punky (soft) wood
  • Missing pieces of window sill or trim

Benefits of Hiring Excel Services For Window Sill Repair:

Excel Services’ expert craftsmen have years of qualified experience with all types of windows and brands. Our Cincinnati carpenters will visit your home to diagnosis the problem, provide you a cost-effective window sill repair quote, and repair your window sill to function like new.

Request an Estimate For Window Sill Repair in Cincinnati

If you are in need of window sill repair in the Cincinnati, OH area contact Excel Service’s at (513) 248-0791 or email us to request information or an estimate.