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Cincinnati Stair and Handrail Repair

Stairs and handrails can be found throughout a home in the entrance way, garages, basements, or in tub-showers. A two story home can have a number of different sizes, styles and types of stairs. Overtime stairs can become old, creaky and scratched.

Excel Services carpentry repair in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area can repair or refinish your wood stairs or handrails to appear new.

You may need your stairs or handrails replaced if you have:

  • Broken stairs
  • Worn stairs
  • Creaky stairs
  • Discolored stairs
  • Splintering stairs

Stair and Handrail Repair Services:

Our Cincinnati stair and handrail repair services include:

  • Staining of stairs to match the rest of your home or correct discolored stair boards.
  • Refinishing of wood stairs.
  • Removal of stains on stairs.
  • Replacement of broken or creaky stair boards.
  • Sanding and smoothing of stairs.

Benefits of Stair and Handrail Repair

Beautiful wooden stairs can make a real impact in a home, especially if it is up for sale. Stair repair can make any home appear newer and nicer, especially if the home already has wooden floors to match. Stairs and handrail repair is not only for aesthetic reasons. Stairs and handrails in need of repair, such as broken or splintered boards, can become a real safety concern for your family and guests if not addressed.

Request an Estimate For Stair and Handrail Repair Services in Cincinnati

These are just a few examples of the carpentry services available from our experienced craftsmen. If you have a particular need that isn’t listed above, or if you need an expert carpenter in Cincinnati, Ohio, please call Excel Services today at (513) 248-0791 or email us to request information or an estimate.