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Cabinet Installation

Cabinetry installation can be the foundation of any home renovation. New cabinetry can work wonders at revamping the aesthetic of your kitchen, without the costs of a full-blown renovation. Designers and contractors often work directly with homeowners to decide on the ideal look and finish of cabinetry, but in general, you can expect the following process when you invest in professional cabinet installation services.

What to Expect

To begin with, you’ll want to decide on the perfect cabinets to match your style and the overall look you’re going for. Partnering with experts puts you in a better position to make this decision. Next, you’ll want to decide on supporting features such as backsplashes and whether or not new appliances will be installed. All these decisions come down to your goals for the renovation.

Depending on the number of cabinets you want installed and the finish you’re expecting, cabinet installation can take anywhere from one full day to several weeks to complete. Ultimately it comes down to the quality of materials you’ve ordered, when they are delivered, and how soon a professional can install them.

Following that, your cabinet installer will begin taking measurements of your current cabinetry, walls, and appliances to guarantee a perfectly straight, attractive and polished outcome. Common carpentry tools including levels, chalk lines screw guns, and drills with specialized bits are needed to complete the job.

The Value of Hiring a Professional

Cabinetry is expensive. Sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Failing to hire the right professional to install it is a mistake you don’t want to make. When you hire an experienced professional to tackle your cabinet installation, the result is flawless and takes as little time as possible with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.

Discover the beauty of professional cabinetry installation by contacting the Excel Services team. Our years of experience and attention to detail make us an easy choice for your cabinet installation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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