January 6, 2020

Half the fun of planning a DIY home improvement project is doing the project, right? Perhaps, if you’re a highly skilled carpenter, plumber, electrician, drywaller, or painting pro!

However, if you’re like the average homeowner, the idea of a home improvement or renovation project can result in a rise in your blood pressure.

You suddenly realize that the hammer you bought last year isn’t the only tool you’ll need. And what did that YouTube video say about filling the cracks in your concrete driveway?

The more you think about the project, the better the idea of using professional handyman services sounds. Jump in and read about why it makes sense to hire a handyman.

The Right Tools

You bought a great hammer, we’ll give you that -- but unless your project only entails hammering a few nails, you’ll need a few more tools for the job. A seasoned handyman brings a well-stocked truck to every job. If you took a peek inside their truck you’d find a dizzying array of tools.

You won’t supply a single tool and there won’t be any time-consuming runs to the hardware store when you realize you don’t have the right size drill bit or a long enough ladder.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t build your tool collection. Every homeowner should keep a set of tools for simple jobs. But you only have so much space in your garage.

A handyman knows what tools go with what job and they tend to keep their tools organized, which leads to the next benefit we’ll talk about.

The Benefit of Time

When you think about how many hours you have in the day to complete home improvement projects, unless you use all your vacation days at once, you’ll end up doing projects in stages. This means an hour here and an hour there, which can draw a project out for weeks.

That well-appointed truck we just mentioned? It’s full of the right tools and your handyman likely keeps everything organized so that they won’t spend an extraordinary amount of time searching for what they need. And it’s unlikely they’ll need to make extra trips to buy more supplies in the middle of your project.

The best benefit associated with time is they’ll come in and get the job done—usually in one session. Of course, you’ll have projects that require several days, but those are several days you won’t need to try to work into your already busy schedule.

So you see, time is money. DIY and you won’t pay yourself but you’ll either lose time from work or lose time from other things you’d prefer to do. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Speaking of simple, that’s what you get when you hire a handyman. Read on and find out why.

Keep it Simple

Many home improvement projects require multiple skills. For example, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, you may need plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills. Most handymen bring multiple skill sets to the job.

It’s all about making things simple. One person does the entire job or uses their own sub-contractors. You don’t waste time searching for multiple contractors and going over the details of the job—again.

Most of the time, your handyman will complete all the tasks associated with your project. If they should need help, they’ll cover the hiring and paying their sub. You cut one check and let your contractor figure out how to disburse the funds.

You can go about your day and watch while your project seamlessly comes together.

Hire a Handyman Service and Reduce Stress

The word seamless is certainly fitting when talking about the benefits of hiring a professional for your home improvement project.

Think back to projects you’ve already worked on at home.

Were you relaxed? Did you whistle while you worked? Or did your kids learn a whole new set of descriptive words to use when they get frustrated?

Using a professional handyman service means reduced stress. What’s not to like about peace of mind knowing your project will get done right? No back and forth to the local hardware store because you didn’t measure something right or you bought the wrong product to repair your concrete steps.

Instead of spending hours watching online tutorials that give you a headache because none of them seem to quite cover your specific project, you can watch the sunset from (your newly repaired deck).

Using Professional Handyman Services Saves Money

Other than a love for DIY projects, if you’re like most people you take on home improvement projects because it’s free to do the work yourself. Let’s think about that for a minute.

Remember how we said time is money? Consider the time you spend researching how to do a project and don’t forget the rabbit holes you go down during the process. If it costs you time wasted when you could have hired a person who already knows how to do the job and can do it quickly.

What about those times you bought the wrong supplies? Or made a mistake and had to do the job over?

A handyman shows up with the right tools and supplies, then does the job right the first time. Hiring a professional makes sense not only for your peace of mind but for your wallet.

Ready to Hire a Professional?

We’ve highlighted only a few benefits of using a professional to complete a home improvement or repair project. When you think about it more, you’ll likely come up with a few benefits specific to your job and your situation.

Using professional handyman services means you can enjoy a job well done without the stress of doing it yourself.

If you’re considering a home improvement project, or have a repair you need to be done, contact us today and we’ll put together a quote for you.