An Overview of Soffit Services

Soffits serve to protect your home from the elements, but like many aspects of construction, it can also enhance or detract from the appearance of the building depending on how well it is done.

Soffit is applied to brick or stucco on the exterior of a home prior to vinyl siding being applied. The rafter tails which extend past your walls create eaves. The underside of the eaves is known as soffit. For modern construction purposes, vinyl aluminum or steel cladding is often applied. Soffit plays a pivotal role in creating a modern and more tailored look to the outside of your home.

The Process

Installing soffit is no simple task.  It involves an understanding of the measurements, angles, and positions of your eaves as well as how to accurately apply the product.  Your installer begins by attaching a channel to your home, and then leveling it with the bottom of your fascia board.  Next, soffit materials are slid into place inside the channel and nailed underneath your fascia boards. Colored nails are matched to your vinyl siding for a seamless and attractive finish.

Options Available

Because of their exterior appearance, manufacturers have created several color options of soffit for residential homeowners to choose from.  Thanks to their nearly maintenance-free nature, you only have to think about this process once and enjoy a lifetime of attractive and secure siding.

Why Hire a Professional for Installation?

Soffit, like countless other construction services, is complicated to get just right.  Hiring a professional to tackle the job will save you time and money.  Our goal at Excel Services is to do just that. We have over a decade of experience in the construction industry and can provide a beautiful finished product when you hire us to install your home’s soffit.  Contact us today to learn more about us and this specialized service.

Request an Estimate For Soffit Services

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